You can find these on Soundcloud, Spinrilla, Datpiff, YouTube, and various streaming services. Oh yeah, can't forget Bandcamp.


 Manchester Chronicles 

 Don't Try Me 

 Jodye Corleone ft. Zay Corleone 


 Diamonds in the Rough ft. Akachi & ChevyBeatz

 The Sky Ain't The Limit 

 Hotboy Jodye ft. Hotboy Casey 

 Old to Me, New to You ft. Various Artists & Producers

 The Dojo ft. Nic Blaze 

 Jodye Ocean ft. Laruemadeit  

 The Sky Ain't The Limit 2 

 Let That Boy Cook ft. ChevyBeatz  

 Short and Sweet ft. Moonkat  


 Grind Over Chatter ft. Various Artists & Producers


 Love Hurtz ft. HBJ & Alfabunga

 The Sky Ain't The Limit 3 


 Jodyesseus ft. HBJ & stillbishop

 Polo Smoke ft. Various Producers


 Jaguar Jodye ft. HBJ & ChillType Ray

 Buds n Roses ft. MyBrothaVan & Phlow


 Polo Smoke 2 ft. Various Producers


 When Life Brings You Lemons ft. LemonBoi Jay

You'll have to go on a scavenger hunt for the singles. They're everywhere the wind blows...